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Nova Broadband ADSL

Our Nova Broadband ADSL Plan comes with a monthly usage entitlement. But even after you exceeded the montly usage entitlement (the number of GBs), there is no extra fee usage fee and you can keep using the service at a lower speed (128K/128K) until the end of the allocation month.

You can access your usage report, which is accurate up to 15 minutes ago.  If you are not checking the usage report regularly, we will send you email notifications at specific usage points.

Our Spend Management Tool runs daily after mid-night to check your usage of the month.  If your usage reached 50%, 85% and 100% usage points of the monthly entitlement, an email notification will be sent to your usual billing email address.

1 MB is defined as 1,000,000 bytes and 1 GB is defined as 1,000 MB for the purpose of pricing and billing. 1 MB is about 50 to 100 text-only emails with no attachments; 1 GB is about 300 songs or photos, or 30 minutes of movie (Video, YouTube or Skype). This is a rough estimation. The actual size depends on the material.

Please note:

  • If your usage passes a usage point during the day, you will not receive the notification until the following day.
  • If your usage passes multiple usage points in a day, only the last usage point passed will be notified.
  • There is no email notification on the day after the allocation month ends, as your usage counter will be reset to zero.
  • If you choose not to receive email notifications or choose to receive them at a different usage points (at most three), please send us a service request.


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