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Set up Outlook Express for Accsoft

Accsoft uses standard Outlook Express set up and all related settings such as your email address, your name, mail servers are all set up while you set up your Windows 2000 or Windows 98.

In case you want to know the specific server details, here is all need to be set:

  1. Incoming mail (POP3):
  2. Outgoing mail (SMTP):
  3. Account name: Your Accsoft User ID (not including

You can find these settings from Outlook Express by selecting Accounts from the Tools menu, then select the Mail tab and click Properties (or Add if the Accsoft server is not on the server list yet.)

Please note that the Outgoing mail (SMTP) setting is for Accsoft's broadband network.  If you are accessing your Accsoft email from an external network (e.g. another provider or your mobile device), please consult your network provider for the "Outgoing mail (SMTP)" setting.

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