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Accsoft has high regard for customers' privacy.  Here is our commitment:

  • Information we collect: We collect relevant information from customers to enable us to provide required services, bill for such services and communicate with customers about issues like security alert, service modifications, new services availability, announcements and policy changes.  We also collect information about your usage of our services to enable us to maintain and improve our network, and to fulfil our legal obligation under the State and Federal law.

  • How we use your information: We only release your information to the following parties:
    • yourself and any parties you consent to obtain your information (after we positively confirm your identity),
    • our staff members who need your information to carry out their work (all our employees have signed a non-disclosure agreement),
    • our subcontractors who need your information in the course of fulfiling their contractual obligation (including the duty of non-disclosure),
    • agency empowered by the State or Federal law to obtain your information, and
    • any parties to whom we have a legal obligation to disclose your information.

  • Access to your information:
    • You may contact us on phone or by email to obtain your information or service records.  We may need to positively confirm your identity before releasing information if we do not have sufficient evidence that you are either the account holder or a delegate of the account holder.
    • If you can give us the login User ID (or Email address) AND the correct password to access your service, we will take it as a positive confirmation of your identity.  If you do not want other parties to obtain your information from Accsoft, please DO NOT reveal your password to anyone.  If you have already revealed your password to any unauthorised parties or suspect that you have, please change your password immediately.
    • You may login to this website with your User ID (or Email address) with the correct password to access your information.  They are under the Member menu.

  • Public Information: Accsoft may reveal information to relevant parties if such information is already in the public domain.  For example, commercial customers' business registration details from the public record of the Department of Fair Trading, domain name registration information and contact details that are in the public WHOIS database, DNS records associated with your domain name, IP addresses and reverse names if available that are publicly accessible via the DNS, and other information accessible via any public sources.

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