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  • BEE Web Platform: The Web 2.0 maker for web owners, developers & providers 
    • Self-manage your website and update web contents and menus online
    • Allow your customers to logon to your web site with passwords
    • Online business: catalogues, shopping cart and secure payment

  • Web: web hosting & web building 
    • 100 MB of web space
    • Unlimited traffic (subject to Acceptable Use Policy)
    • Web traffic statistics report (demo) with analysis on when, who and what
    • Daily backup with tapes stored off site

  • Email: mailboxes, domain email and gateway
    • Free webmail available internationally: airports, kiosks and hotels
    • Free email hosting for web customers
    • Free email outgoing traffic (subject to Acceptable Use Policy & conditions)
    • Online incoming mail log and alias listing
    • Anti-spam

  • Domain: parking, registration, delegation and renewal
    • Free domain parking
    • Service,,, .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info and more
    • Authorised domain service ISP since 1996
    • Courtesy reminder emails/calls to make sure your licence is renewed on time

Quality customer care, technical and business expertise, network robustness and reliability are the main reasons of our success.  We continuously reinvest in technology upgrade and R&D to make sure what we offer best suits what you need.

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