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BEE maintain a session for each website visit (all accesses from the same browser window).  When a visitor login to a BEE website, the username and password are checked against a predefined user list or database table managable via the owner's Admin site.  Once authenticated, the session becames a privileged one with proper access level (e.g. Affiliate, Member, VIP and Admin according to the user list).

All these occur automatically through the "login" and "logout" commands.  The following is a sample of the login/logout script.  (The <beecommand ...> tag is a shorthand equivalent to <script language="bee"> command ... </script>.)

/index.htm   (Please note that the form action is "/index.htm" as well.)
<script language="bee">
switch ('')
<form method=post action="/index.htm">
Logged in as $<br>
<input type=submit name=Submit value=Logout>
<form method=post action="/index.htm">
Username:<input type=text name=username><br>
Password:<input type=password name=password><br>
<input type=submit name=Submit value=Login>

When the page is in action, a public visitor will see this:


After the visitor login as, say, "johnlee", he or she will see:

Logged in as johnlee


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