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Picking a banner image from a list is a one-liner in BEE.  In the example below, the scheme file "banner" contains some image file names.  After being shuffled, the array is assigned to a BEE variable "bimg".  In this example, the first image is displayed.
<bee var=bimg value=(var)scheme%banner&Image conv=shuffle>
<img src="/images/$">

The scheme file "banner" is in the "scheme" directory, which is separate from the web and is managable via the Admin site.  Here is an example: 
banner   (The file name "banner" and the item name "Image" are arbitrary.)

Instead of a random selection of banner image (using the "shuffle" conversion), you may schedule your banners.  For example, grouping banners according to the hour or day of the week you can target different audiences.  Here is an example of displaying different set of banner images based on day of the week:
<script language="bee">
suffix = '';
switch ('Sun')
<bee var=bimg value=(var)scheme%banner&Image
<img src="/images/$">

The above script shows images in "banner_wekend" on Saturday and Sunday, and those in "banner" in other days.

(Please see BEE User Guide for more details.)

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