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  >> Order >> Policies >> Financial Hardship       <=  =>      <  1  >   Financial Hardship Policy

If your account has an outstanding balance and you are willing to pay in full (without dispute) but due to unforseen events, such as illness, loss of employment or family, you are temporarily unable to pay, you may contact us to discuss your situation.

Here is a checklist before you contact us

  • You can demonstrate that you are experiencing financial hardship (e.g. illness, loss of employment or family). Statutory declarations or other evidence may be required at Accsoft's discretion. Considerations of such requirement include but not limited to the outstanding amount ($150 or more) and account history (12 months or less).
  • You accept the obligation to pay the full amount, and are willing and legally able to pay.
  • Your account is not overdue or overdue not more than 7 days.
  • You agree to downgrade the service to a lower plan and cancel unnecessary chargeable options as required. Such downgrade generally does not require any extra one-off fee and will lead to lower ongoing fee to help you manage your debt for a longer term.
  • You have a plan to improve your financial position and are committed to return to usual payment arrangement within 6 months.

If you pass the above checklist, you may contact us on 1300 881 668 or by email to to negotiate a solution that will help you reduce your debt over a period of time, options such as delay full payment, or partial payments with an installment schedule, usually not longer than 3 months.

The financial hardship agreement will terminate if one or more of the followings happen:

  • The agreement expires on the agreed expiration date.
  • There are billing disputes with the outstanding amount or any newly billed amount.
  • If you failed to pay according to the agreed schedule
  • If the any terms of the agreement are breached.

Upon the termination of the financial hardship payment arrangement, your usual credit term will apply immediately unless a new agreement is entered into. The establishment of a new agreement is at Accsoft's discretion.

For further details, please read our Financial Hardship Policy.

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