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  >> Order >> Policies >> Acceptable Use       <=  =>      <  1  >   Acceptable Use Policy of Accsoft Internet Services


  • The aim of this Acceptable Use Policy is to ensure that use of Accsoft's services (the Service) meets legal requirements, does not interfere with other users, and does not cause impact on Accsoft's ability to provide the Service.
  • In this document
    • Service means the facilitation of Internet access, email transfer, web services, software applications and other functions made possible by Accsoft's network.
    • You means a user of the Service.
    • Accsoft or We means Accsoft Internet Services.
    • Policy means this document.
  • This Policy is effective immediately upon the Service is activated or the signing of an agreement allowing the Service to be activated, whichever is earlier.
  • Accsoft may at any time vary this Policy.  The new Policy will take effect immediately upon being published on this website.
  • This Policy forms part of the Terms and Conditions of Accsoft Internet Membership.
  • As a guide, this Policy includes the following topics:
    • Security: keep your password secret, no unauthorised access, no virus spreading
    • Legal: no fraudulent, deceptive or defamatory activities, no infringement of copyright
    • Overuse: no abuse of network capacity by unreasonable amount of usage
    • Email: no spamming (sending junk mail) or email bombs, no forged identities
    • Breaching: We may monitor the use of the Service, verify the compliance of this Policy, and take enforcement actions if this Policy is breached.


  • You must keep confidential your passwords that enable you to gain access to the Service.
  • You are solely responsible for any access to the Service using your passwords, whether such access is conducted by yourself or by a third party using your password.
  • You must not use the Service to (or attempt to) gain unauthorised access to any computer systems.  Unauthroised access to a system includes without limitation obtaining data from or altering data on such system, disabling legitimate control of such system, or cause such systems to malfunction.
  • You must not use the Service to engage in activities that will (or potentially will) cause damages to other computer systems, by way of computer viruses, worms, trojans, denial of service (DoS) attack or otherwise.

Legal use

  • You must not use the Service to breach any criminal laws or to infringe on the rights of a third party, including without limitation:
    • fraudulent, deceptive or illegal activities;
    • infringement of copyright, trademarks or other intellectual property rights;
    • infringement of laws relating to censorship and classification of material; and
    • using the Service to create, forward or distribute defamatory statements.
  • You must not produce or make available to the public contents which is in breach of any Australian regulations in relations to Internet content.
  • You must remove the content in concern if a "take-down" notice has been issued by Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA) against such content.


  • You must not establish simultaneous multiple connections to the Service unless explicitly agreed by Accsoft.
  • You must not cause unreasonably excessive amount of data transfer in either outbound or inbound direction significantly above the normal usage pattern of other users.  If in breach, Accsoft reserves the right to downgrade the Service provided to you or to separate such Service from our main network, so as to protect the interest of other users.
  • You must not issue unreasonably frequent access to the Service significantly beyond the normal access pattern of other users.  If the Policy is breached, Accsoft reserves the right to temporarily disable your access to such Service to preserve the capacity of the Service for other users.


  • You must not use the Service to distribute electronic communications (including without limitation email, SMS, chat messages and newsgroup postings):
    • if the recipients have indicated that they do not wish to receive such communication;
    • if the communication is unsolicited bulk email ("spam") or is considered as message bombing, whether or not such communication is of commercial nature;
    • in a way that the origin of such communication is forged or disguised; or
    • in a way that may adversely affect the functionality of any computer systems.
  • You must not benefit or allow yourself to benefit from unsolicited bulk email, including without limitation sending unsolicited bulk email on behalf of other third parties or allowing  a third parties to send unsolicited bulk email (whether or not using the Service) advertising for contents hosted by the Service.
  • You  must not operate a facility intentionally or unintentionally allowing other third parties to send unsolicited bulk email using the Service, including without limitation running an open-relay email server using the Service and leaving your mail server open to attack.

Breaching the Policy

  • We may from time to time monitor and verify the compliance of this Policy in relation to your use of the Service.
  • If you have breached this Policy, Accsoft may at its sole discretion do one or more of the followings:
    • suspend the Service provided to you temporarily or indefinitely;
    • restrict the use of the Service by placing limits on some or all facilities;
    • terminate the Service and refuse to provide the Service to you or your associates in the future;
    • inform appropriate governmental or regulatory authorities of suspected illegal activities or infringing conducts; and
    • remove or alter any of your data in the way that Accsoft considers appropriate or in the way specifically instructed by authorities in relation to the breach.
  • A lack of immediate action in case of a breach does not imply in any way that Accsoft will not take actions in the future in relation to the breach or any subsequent breaches.
  • Breach of this Policy is considered as breach of the Terms and Conditions of Accsoft Internet Membership.


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