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  • By downloading and/or installing our software products (the Products), you agree to be found by these terms and conditions (this Agreement).
  • This Agreement supercedes any documents previously published by Accsoft in any forms.
  • This Agreement is to be superceded by any documents subsequently published by Accsoft in any forms.
  • This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of New South Wales.

License to Use

  • Accsoft grants you a non-exclusive license to use the Products according to the license information either in the distribution or on this website.
  • The license is not transferrable in whole or in part to any parties and the Products cannot be operating on a computer that is neither owned by you nor in your full control.
  • If the Products contain other third-party licensed software or open source software, use of the Products is subject to the license agreements of the respective software in addition to this Agreement.
  • The number of computers or websites that the Products can be operating on is in accordance with the licensing condition or license key.
  • If there is a time limit on the license of the Products, such Products must be removed from any computers or media after the license expiry date.


  • The developers of the software (Accsoft and its owners) own the intellectual property and copy right of the Products except for the parts that is govered by a third-party license or open source license.
  • You shall not copy the Products to any computer or media other than for back-up purpose.
  • You shall not reverse engineer or disassemble any parts of the Products.
  • You shall not modify or remove any trademarks or copyright notice of Accsoft or any third-parties whose licensed software are contained in the Products.

Warranty and Liability

  • The Products are distributed on an "as is" basis without warranties of any kind.
  • All features and quality benchmark information presented on our sales material or advertisement are for indication only, and do not constitute a guarantee of such features or quality standards.
  • Accsoft shall not be held liable for any loss or damages resulting directly or indirectly from using the Products or not being able to use such Products.
  • You indemnify Accsoft and its suppliers in respect of any loss, liability or expense by any third parties.


  • Accsoft reserves the right to terminate and/or cancel any license to use the Products.  If this Agreement is terminated or expired, you must remove the Products from any computers or media in your ownship and/or control.
  • You may terminate this Agreement by removing the Products from any computers or media in your ownship and/or control.


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