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  • By uploading and/or building your website (the Website) onto our web server, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions (this Agreement).
  • This Agreement supercedes any documents previously published by Accsoft in any forms.
  • This Agreement is to be superceded by any documents subsequently published by Accsoft in any forms.
  • This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of New South Wales.

The Service

  • Accsoft is to broadcast your website to the Internet in the manner conforming to the HTTP protocol and/or SSL protocol where applicable (the Service).
  • Accsoft may monitor the Service and usage and make adjustment when it is necessary to provide or keep providing the Service.

The Content

  • You will create the web content and material (the Content) using the tools and interfaces provided by Accsoft.
  • You guarantee that you have the right to use the Content for the Website, and agree to provide evidence of such right when requested by Accsoft.
  • You agree to refrain from using any inappropriate, offensive, fraudulent, deceptive, inflammatory or illegal material on your website.
  • You agree to allow at least a one-line space on every web page for the acknowledgment of Accsoft being the hosting provider of your website.  Such acknowledgment will click into the website of Accsoft or its associates.
  • You agree to allow Accsoft to include your name, your website address and other related information already in the public domain as reference in any Accsoft's marketing material or promotion campaign.

Intellectual Properties

  • All intellectual properties issued by or via Accsoft to you, including but not limited to programs, design, settings, IP addresses, host names, email addresses, sub-domain names, website addresses and authority to use Accsoft's logos or brand names, must be returned to Accsoft upon request or on termination of this Agreement, unless you can demonstrate that you have a registered right to such intellectual properties or addresses.
  • Operational data created or collected in the course of the operation of the Website, such as design, settings, configuration and logs, are properties of Accsoft and the use of them are at Accsoft's sole discretion.
  • Business data created or collected in the course of the business administration of the Website, such as customer records, product information, order and payment details, are your properties and you grant access to Accsoft for the purpose of supporting and facilitating the Service.
  • The ownership of third-party material used on the Website will be governed by the respective license agreement of such material individually.

Warranty and Liability

  • The Products are distributed on an "as is" basis without warranties of any kind.
  • All features and quality benchmark information presented on our sales material or advertisement are for indication only, and do not constitute a guarantee of such features or quality standards.
  • Accsoft shall not be held liable for any loss or damages resulting directly or indirectly from using the Website or not being able to use the Website.
  • You indemnify Accsoft and its suppliers in respect of any loss, liability or expense by any third parties.


  • Accsoft reserves the right to terminate and/or cancel any web services if Accsoft is of the opinion that you have misused the Web service.
  • If this Agreement is terminated or expired, you must remove the material from the Website or Accsoft will remove such material at our sole discretion.


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