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Spam means "unsolicited electronic message" - email you did not ask for.  Spam is also called junk email (or simply "junk mail").  Spamming, the act of sending huge amount of junk email, is a global pandemic.  If an email address is ever used, it will somehow attract spam.

Spammers send millions of junk email at no cost mostly by hijacking other computers on the Internet.  Also, there is largely no sender identity check on email and virtually all junk emails carry faked sender address, making it hard to trace and block.  These days, the amount of junk email on the Internet far exceeds the amount of genuine ones.

Spam is not only a nuisance but also dangerous since many junk email contain computer viruses or fraudulent instructions trying to lure you into giving sensitive information, such as password to your bank accounts or credit card details (phishing and pharming).

Here are some frequently asked questions about Spam or Junk Email:



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