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Content is what your visitors come to your website for, but keeping your web content up to date and easy to find is a major headache for most webmaster.  It usually takes days (or even months) to get the author to amend the website and "upload" to the web server etc.

Not any more!  Our web hosting service allows you to logon to your own website with the Administrator password and update your web content right on the very web page (demo).  You simply tell us which area on your page you want to online edit and we will make the area a Text Editable Area (TEA).

Once you sign in as the Administrator, you will see the Text Editable Area surrounded by dotted lines.  You can edit anything within the area, (demo), such as changing the text, font, size, colour, alignment and style.  You can also add links to other pages and insert images.  If you know HTML code, you can even edit the code to your needs.  The world will see the new web page right after you click "Save".

All these updating works take only a few minutes and are done right on the very web page that you want to update.  And because if this, you know exactly how the changes fit in with the rest of the page while you are making them (instead of after going through some obscure and lengthy procedures).

All the text contents in the Text Editable Area (TEA) will become searchable via the BEE search engine.  All you need is to tell us where do you want the search form to appear on your page.

Furthermore, we can add the OnMyWeb Portal feature to your website so that you can create new pages and arrange the menu of your website on your website.

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