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  >> Products >> BEE Web Platform >> WorkingBEE       <=  =>      <  1  >   WorkingBEE - Single-site version of BEE

Step 1: Add Working BEE to your website

Step 2: Specify the editable areas on the web page

Step 3: Sign in with your password and edit your web content


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often can I update my website?
A: As often as you like!  You just sign in to your own website, open up the page and change it.

Q: Can we change both the text and images?
A: Yes, you can enter text and insert images or move them around whthin the editable area.

Q: Is there anything we cannot change on the webpage?
A: Virtually none, but usually you would want to restrict changes to certain areas, to avoid accidental modifications on the design artwork of your website.

Q: How soon will the public see my updates?
A: Right after you click the Save button.

Q: Can we add new pages on my webiste?
A: Yes, all you need to do is to enter the new page address (URL) and enter the new content.  The page will be created when you click Save.

Q: Are there other applications?
A: Glad you ask!  There are many applications to add on to your website, such as:

  • Online forms: Contact/Order/Booking...
  • Online catalogue and shopping cart
  • Password for members-only pages
  • Database transaction processing
  • Search engine for your website
  • Visitor log and web statistics
  • Electronic brochure mail out
  • Rotating news and ads



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