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If you want to allow customers to conduct business with you online, you need to integrate your business operations with your website.  Product catelogue, price list, shopping carts, ordering system, delivery tracking, bookings, invoices and statements, and many more can be made available OnMyWeb.

We have the most simple, flexible and reliable online database development and management tools which enable rapid online applications building and short turn-around time to adapt to new business requirements.

You can enter your data (price list, product details and customer records etc) via the Admin SIte (an Administrator-only area on your website).  Alternatively, we can feed your data file (e.g. Excel spreadsheet or Access data file) to your website.  You can access your customers' submissions (requests, orders and payments) from the Admin Site or have them emailed to you.

If you have an existing database for your business already, we can help you to connect your database to your website seamlessly and securely.  Your data are protected by passwords and only authorised users are allowed to access (e.g. your website shows order details only to the account owner after he or she sign in with the correct password).

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