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We first offer Internet access service back in 1995.  Now, our access points cover 98% of the Australian population in 66 metropolitan and regional areas.  Our experience enables us to know your needs and package our products to suit them.

We provides both broadband and dial-up services to business and home users.  There are a wide range of products and services to suit your budget and needs for speed.  All connection plans come with email and website and many other features to fulfil your business online need.

If you want to be online all the time but do not want to spend a lot, our broadband 256K services for $59.95/month will suit you best.  For lower price dial-up solutions, you can subscribe to our Untimed plan for $29.95/month or our Premium pay-as-you-go plan for $18.95/10 hours (no use-by date and free hours for frequent users).  All these plans come with unlimited traffic so you are not out of pocket for heavy download (subject to Acceptable Use Policy).

For business users that need to be online all the time, we have tailored solutions that include Internet access, web and email services and network care.  What we are providing is not a commercial product; we care about you and we help whenever we can.

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