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Accsoft provides free email to all access and web customers under the domain.  Yes, we do mean FREE!  Every Accsoft user is provided with an email mail box and up to 5 additional email addresses (aliases) associated with it.

Business customers with domain name hosted on Accsoft's are provided with post office service (SMTP and POP) and unlimited number of email addresses.  This service is free for all broadband and web customers.  For domain email, it is free for up to 1 GB of incoming traffic in 10,000 messages per month.  (A once-off fee for domain registration or delegation may apply.)

For broadband customers who wants to run their post office on their own network, Accsoft can act as your email gateway to relay your email messages and serve as a backup to your email server.  When your email server is down or not reachable, Accsoft's email server will receive your messages on behalf of your network, and forward them back to your server when it is up again.

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