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Accsoft is an experienced and quality web hosting and building company.

A business website is a joint effort of at least three parties: the web business owner, the web developer and the web service provider.  Accsoft/OnMyWeb helps all these three parties to achieve their goals, and we have the technology, the expertise, the experience and the dedication to do so.

  • owner: the business manager or owner (yourself) - Enquire
    • BYO - You may Bring Your Own website or we Build You One
    • DIY - You can Do It Yourself to update and manage or we Do It for You
  • developer: the web designers and programmers - Enquire
    • A - Authentication: Platform built in with user logon and management
    • B - Banner: Show images to a schedule or randomly
    • C - Content: Online Editable Text-Edit-Areas (TEA) for any web pages
    • D - Data: Online SQL interface and one-liner function calls
    • E - Email: Mail from website and web mail with anti-virus and anti-spam
  • provider: the network that serves the website - Enquire
    • License - We set up and license our technology on your web server
    • Rebrand - We run your web services for you under your own brand
    • Resell - We provide all technology and services for you to resell

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