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BEE (Business Electronic Enterprise) is a 100% Australian innovation officially recognised by the government through Australian Technology Showcase (ATS) (under A for "Accsoft OnMyWeb").

BEE enables you to self-manage your website and keep things current, interactive and engaging.  With BEE, web developers build websites by assembling components from previous projects or public source.

Dynamic content that is always up-to-date, DIY management from anywhere, interactive collaboration among owners and visitors, and continuous improvement around information are taken for granted in BEE.  These are the ideals of Web 2.0 realised through BEE.

Web Owners Web Developers
Dynamic content Your website is the centre of your business.  Online update of your web content from anywhere on any computer keeps your website current and always up-to-date. Concentrate on artwork design and application building, while content editing and proof-reading are carried out by the users.  Built-in online editor with absolutely no database engine is required for content management.
DIY management Take control of your website: process transactions, upload data, and collaborate with staff and customers.  All doable yourself instantly. Adapt any websites onto the BEE Web Platform in minutes and make them DIY-able.  No need to reinvent the wheel everytime.  Websites are transferrable to other servers with virtually no change.
Interactive collaboration User authentication (sign-up and sign-in) comes out of the box. Searching, blogging and dynamic information exchange engage visiters to stay longer and come back regularly. User verification, access control and session management are built in with little programming (if any).  Searching and blogging can be done without complex database management.
Continuous improvement Website gradual evolution, not the big-bang approach.  Continuous and on-demand development lower or eliminate the risk of crystal ball investment. Modifying a page or a function without affecting anything else.  Data centric: content developed by users in parallel with function building.  Template (artwork) is separate from codes physically.  Integration is done at run-time automatically and seamlessly.

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