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You own or run a business.  You are its heart and soul, and ...

your website is the centre of your business.

Accsoft OnMyWeb makes your website the centre of contacts among customers and staff, and the central repository of business information.  Your website is both the public face of your business and the work centre of your staff.

Instead of taking the website away, we let you have full control of it.  You can self-manage your web content and business processes - special promotions, enquiries, newsletters, visitor tracking and order taking and processing, while we take care of the day-to-day operation behind the scene.

Simply contact us and give us the address of your website (or any reference sites you like), and we will send you an obligation free demo site to show you how you can logon and modify the content (demo), insert images and arrange the menu at will.

As our customer, you will be assisted step by step in establishing your website, such as the license of your domain, and if there are online transactions, a financial institute (usually a bank) to process the payments.

Here are the steps to establish your website:

  1. Register a domain (details - pricing)
  2. Build a website (details - pricing)
  3. Host your website OnMyWeb (details - pricing)
  4. Promote your website (details)
  5. Update your website (details)

There are 5 main features among many others: Authentication, Banner, Content, Data and Email.  You can also BYO and DIY.

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