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BEE is a new web development platform built in with features commonly required by websites, such as user authentication (user login), banner processing, content management (online editing of web content), database, in-page remote call (fetch information without refreshing the page), session management, email from website, remote connections to another website or web services (via SOAP), and many many more.

In fact, this very website of OnMyWeb is itself written in BEE.  Our Webmaster simply update the web pages right on the page  try me , and change menu items on the fly.  All changes are visible and searchable right after we click "Save".

The menu bar and the page path at the top, the page bar on the right, and on the left pane the navigation drop-down, the login form and the search form, are all automatic features without programming.

All online editing and site administration are done on the very website you have created, so that your client will take the website as a total service that you do for them.

Most importantly, we have an opened interface for you to specify those features in your own source code (instead of a separate management system with complex procedures to follow).  You may even transfer the website to another server.

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