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Whether you are an ISP (Internet Service Provider) or a web designer/developer, we can provide the web technologies and facilities you need for your clients, and the services to take care of the whole process.

We can do this in one of the following three models:

  • License - Enquire
    We set up a dedicated web server for you with the license of our web technology and essential systems and instructions for you to set up, manage and service your clients' websites.  You can design your own templates and set your own pricing and policy of the web services, and market under your own brand.
  • Rebrand - Enquire
    We provide the web technology and services from our own web server but under your own brand.  There is no large initial capital investment to make.  All you need to do is to concentrate in marketing and end-customer service, and let us do the rest for you.
  • Resell - Enquire
    You resell our web technology and services under the OnMyWeb brand, which immediately gives you market recognition of service quality and reliability of the OnMyWeb products.  You can sell our products as a stand-alone service, or bundle them with your service to make a total solutions for your clients.


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