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You design websites and program web applications for your customers.  You are probably spending 80% of the time worrying about common features that most websites need but are not always possible to reuse from past projects, features like

  • Authentication
    • allowing visitors to sign up and sign in the website with a password
    • accepting multiple password lists based on realm (e.g. user@realm)
    • specifying which pages are public, member-only or administrator-only
    • allowing the owner to manage the user lists and assign privileges
  • Banner
    • showing rotating banner images
    • randomising the banner rotation sequence
    • scheduling various images to show at different time or to different users
    • allowing the owner to update the images and modify the schedule
  • Content
    • separating content from layout to allow online update and search
    • allowing the owner themselves to update web contents
    • specify the areas the owner can change while restricting other areas
    • allowing the owner to change website settings (e.g. colour and style)
  • Data
    • accessing databases regardless where they are (local or remote)
    • allowing the owner to modify database tables if so required
    • separating data specifications from the codes for reusability
    • handling temporary session data (e.g. shopping cart)
  • Email
    • emailing enquiries or orders from the website to the owner
    • providing "tell your friends" form to spread references by email
    • generating auto-email alerts (e.g. stock level or security warning)
    • protecting owners privacy (not showing email addresses in source)

The above features should be part of the hosting platform and therefore your provider's job.  If you find yourself constantly juggling around all those server technologies, protocols, standards, formats, and ever changing technology environment, please talk to us.  We have something for you.

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