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A Domain is a unique name on the Internet by which people address your network.  For example, is the email address of user "alberte" in domain, and is the main website address of domain  (The "www." is not part of the domain name.  It only refers to a computer or group of computers on a network addressable by the domain name.)

Accsoft has been an authorised ISP of various Internet name registrars to register domain names on behalf of our customers under major Top Level Domains (details).  If you have registered your domain name and want Accsoft to park it, we can delegate (i.e. "move") your domain onto our DNS (Domain Name Server) and provide you all domain name services from there.

By the time your domain is next due for a renewal with the corresponding registrar, we will remind you and renew your domain name for you if you so agreed.

Here is the Domain Application Form.

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