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You own your own website and are entitle to the full control over it.  You should be able to update the web content, create new pages, arrange the site menu, check statistic report (demo), specify member only material and manage users and passwords.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could do all these yourself at the time you want in the way you want?  This DIY paradigm is not a dream anymore.  It is a reality, powered by the BEE Web Technology.  There is no lengthy training to go through, no verbose instructions to read, no obscure procedures to follow or unfamiliar screens to handle.  All these DIY features are done on your very own website.

You first sign in your own website with the Administrator password, then immediately you will see some small icons next to the text areas that you can update.  Clicking on one of these icons will outline the Text Edit Area (TEA) with dotted lines, and you can start editing the content in the same way you do with a word processor.

You can also create new pages simply by entering a new page address and editing the content, then selecting a menu item or creating a new one for the newly created page.  No sophisticated operations and all done on your very own website.

Yes, it is really that simple to work your website OnMyWeb.

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