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If you have a website hosted somewhere already but want to have more features such as online content editing, user sign in or database access, or simply want a better service, more reliable network and more friendly professional advices from time to time, we believe that OnMyWeb is your best choice.

Our web people have experience in all aspects of website technology and services since the world-wide-web has been known to the public.  We will help moving your website to our network seamlessly and hassel free.  Our long list of website clients proves the point.

If you want us to build a new website for you, we have wide-range of customised layouts for you to choose from.  All comes with online content editing and user sign in functions.

We build websites through "rapid prototyping".  The process starts when we give you a sample website, then you give us some feedback, we modify accordingly, you give further comments, we revise again, and the process repeat until you are satisfied.  Most websites we do we manage to complete within a week or two.

The improvement process does not stop at the launch of your webiste.  We help you to continuously improve your website, either through the self-management web process or by our highly professional support team.

Not only that we take care of your website, but we also provide you free domain parking and email.  Having ample experience in managing a nation-wide Internet network, OnMyWeb can provide all your needs for online services from building and hosting to connection and communication, all under one roof.

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