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Total Web Solution

Our BEE Web Platform is so business-ready and yet flexible that we can put together a "first-draft" site in one day, to allow you to quickly model your new business around the website and adjust to your ongoing needs.  If you have an existing website already, you may BYO and we can make a DIY site out of it.

It is easier done than said!

Among many useful features of BEE, the highlight is the "ABCDE" of web services:

  • Authentication: Members can login to your site for more customised interactions and self-service
  • Banner show: Pictures or even movie can appear to schedule or at random in any part of your website
  • Content management: Contents can be searched and updated all on the same website
  • Database access: Create your own online database or connect to other existing online database
  • Email from web: Your website send email to you for customer requests, special alert or regular reports

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